About Us

AdaptImpact helps nonprofits improve their operating efficiency, expand their programs and reach their clients and supporters through improved uses of technology.

Technology is changing at a faster pace than ever. To stay current and competitive, nonprofits must adapt. This means updating, migrating, and engaging with new technologies and systems. Our philosophy is that in order to continue having the kind of positive impact you expect, you must adapt. To this end, we are focused on helping nonprofits improve their operating efficiency, ability to serve their clients and, in turn, their relationship with funders and supporters. We provide professional consulting, design, implementation and technology management services aimed at helping you improve your operational infrastructure and achieve your goals. For additional company information, visit our Company page. 

Who We Serve

  • Nonprofits
  • Foundations
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AdaptImpact has deep background in nonprofit technology and operations. We understand the challenges nonprofits face in evaluating, securing, and implementing technology, including restricted funding that doesn't always allow for desired technology adoption. Here is how we can help:

  • Diligently look for the best nonprofit offers for software and hardware
  • Assist in managing your purchases and relationship with Tech Soup
  • Help you manage your outcomes data collection and grant reporting
  • Provide enterprise-class technology consulting and services with a complete understanding of the unique challenges, resources and opportunities you face.

We work with private foundations that are interested in supporting and improving the technology capacity, use, and programming among their nonprofit grantees. Adapt assists private foundations by:

  • Providing analysis of current grantee systems
  • Recommending improvements in current systems
  • Assisting grantees with data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Reviewing grantee applications
  • Providing professional consulting, implementation and customization services to grantees

For information about our outcomes software for nonprofits, please visit Social Data Systems.

Here is a brief list of our current clients and work:

Gary and Mary West Foundation - San Diego Grantee Support
Senior Community Centers - San Diego Technical Planning
North County Lifeline - San Diego Web Development
InterConnection - Seattle Business Planning, Technical Consulting
Able Disabled Advocacy - San Diego Business Planning, Grant Writing
County of Imperial - Imperial Program Development, Grant Writing
Gerson Institute - San Diego, Mexico, Hungary Data and Database Migration Planning
Proposal Writing
Vendor Selection
San Diego Nonprofits Web Development

Who We Are

  • Jeff

Jeff Hancock is the founder and president of AdaptImpact. Jeff began the company when he recognized the need for quality, trustworthy IT solutions and consulting for nonprofits.

Jeff is a co-founder and former Executive Director of the San Diego Futures Foundation (SDFF), a nonprofit whose mission is to improve lives through technology. Between 2000 and his departure in 2012, Jeff grew the organization to a staff of 36 and an annual operating budget of $4.5 million. During that time, SDFF distributed more than 35,000 computers to over 1,000 nonprofit organizations and 8,000 families, helping to improve operating efficiencies in the sector and reduce the digital divide by more than 13%. Jeff was involved in every element of the organization, from program design, development and funding, to backoffice systems planning and implementation.

Prior to joining SDFF, Jeff was a systems engineer, data analyst and business development manager for Fortune 500 company Science Applications International Corporation. During Jeff's six years at SAIC he focused on developing the systems, programs and communications for SDFF, an outgrowth of SAIC contract with the County of San Diego.

Prior to joining SAIC, Jeff was a systems engineer, solution developer and business manager for Technology Integration Group, a $400 million technology integrator based in San Diego. While at TIG, Jeff became one of the nation's first Microsoft Certified Professionals and went on to develop the company's Microsoft and other technical training programs.