The growth of the Internet, online services and ecommerce has created a virtual explosion of data. Most businesses today are collecting data from multiple sources, including websites, email, phone and fax. Then they're storing the data in multiple locations including Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, custom Access databases and numerous internal and cloud-based applications such as QuickBooks, Sales force and others. If you feel like your business is not collecting or managing its data as effectively as possible, Adapt can help.

Product Identification and Requisition

Adapt can help you identify the data technologies that are the best fit for your company today and that can grow with you in the future. The systems we work with are listed on the right and address:

  • Financials
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing
  • Payroll

Data Migration and Consolidation

Our services include migrating data from one system to another or consolidating data from multiple systems into one or few. We can help you migrate from desktop or legacy applications to cloud-based or server-based applications. We have experience with numerous data systems including all of those mentioned in the list to the right.

Impact Analysis

Adapt developed Social Data Systems to help nonprofits and for-profits track the value of the work they do; not the income or profit they generate but the jobs they create, people they train, and other social benefits they provide. To learn more, please visit Social Data Systems.

Business Data Analysis

Small businesses have more access to data that can help them find and sell to more customers than ever before. The trick is to get to the data, make sense of it, and then act on it. Our service helps small businesses collect, organize and profit from localized data. For more information, please visit


AdaptImpact advises and assists a wide variety of nonprofit and social service agencies providing a range of services. Some of our clients include:


Nonprofit Technology Solutions

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