Technology is changing at a rapid pace, perhaps faster than ever before, with new operating systems, email platforms, communication networks, software, devices and cloud computing all contributing to the evolving technology landscape. Are you using the best technology for your company and in ways that are most effective for your business? Adapt provides expertise in analyzing, recommending and implementing nearly all networking technologies.

Server and Cloud Systems

Adapt has deep experience specifying, implementing and deploying Microsoft Windows Server-based networks, from the smaller networks that use Microsoft's Small Business or Foundation Server to the more advanced and user-intensive Enterprise or DataCenter Server. In addition, Adapt has experience working with Microsoft's MultiPoint Server, which is great for nonprofits offering public computing labs.

Data Storage and Backup

Data storage and backup systems are key elements to the backoffice infrastructure. Fortunately, advances in technology have made storage less expensive and easier to manage than in the past. We work with the major hardware storage vendors to implement the right local and off-site storage solutions for your business.


Your business connects to the web but may also have a need to connect to off-site servers for data access or backup or to other offices for remote data-sharing. We ensure your connectivity is at the highest speed necessary for reliable and safe access to your data.


Adapt works with all the major server and desktop software operating systems and applications, and can implement locally-managed, server-managed or cloud-managed software systems. In addition to the common Microsoft Operating Systems and suite of Office products, we've implemented and managed Google Apps and Gmail integration where applicable. Other applications include Salesforce, QuickBooks and custom Microsoft Access database solutions.


AdaptImpact advises and assists a wide variety of nonprofit and social service agencies providing a range of services. Some of our clients include:


Nonprofit Technology Solutions

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